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Winners of Feb 2107 - "CELEBRATIONS" - Click on picture to view full images and all participants!

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Let the Honeymoon Begin

Barbara Thompson

February 2017 - First Place Group A - Score 92.5

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This is My First Rodeo

Sharon Wylie

February 2017 - Second Place Group A - Score 95.5

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Happy Birthday to Me

Robert Sullivan

February 2017 - Third Place Group A - Score 92

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TheTwins+1: Birthday Cake Bandits

Tracy O'Connell

February 2017 - Second Place Group B - Score 87.5

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Have your Cake and It it Too

Tracy O'Connell

February 2017 - Third Place Group B - Score 90

  • Mar 9 2017 "CLOUDS" is March's Clicktique theme DESCRIPTION: Clouds creating drama and impact to a image. Playing a major role in the image. JUDGES: TBA Online pre-registration is mandatory. You can pre-register days in advance, but the cutoff time to pre-register is no later than Midnight, Tuesday the 7th. Please note that this process is to submit your image information and to upload your file(s). You will still need to bring your printed p

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We meet regularly at the Evelyn Greer Park, 8200 SW 124th Street  Miami, FL

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