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Tropical Array

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Grate in Great Britain

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Dad's Pond

Photo Comments

Albino Western Rattle snake
Photographing snakes is not easy. Photographing deadly ones takes it up another notch!
Dung Beetle (Phanaeus vindex)
Just because you send your life in poo does not mean you have to look like it! I love the colors of these guys!
Humming Bird frozen
This was shot in natural light since Fairchild won't allow flash with the Hummingbirds.
Jay and the beast
I will ask Jay next time I see him!
Flamingoes Retouch
I use Lightroom 5 for my post work. This shot was shot about F8 to get them all in focus but then a used a blur brush to put the background out of focus and turned the shadows down on my sliders.

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